Hobsonville Church & Settlers' Cemetery



About Us & Membership

Hobsonville Church was built in 1875 as a combined meeting place, church and school incorporating a graveyard in the grounds at 1 Scott Road, Hobsonville.

The Church was established as a Protestant Trust, by Deed of Gift dated 4 December 1877, with the first five Hobsonville settlers as trustees: Joshua Carder, Rice Owen Clark II, Joshua Ockleston, Thomas Scott and William Sinton.  The Trustees are buried in the graveyard, along with members of other Hobsonville settler families, including Anderson, Boyd, Luckens, Midgley, Williams and Wiseley

The Church is maintained and administered by the Hobsonville Church and Settlers’ Cemetery Preservation Society Incorporated.  

We are a Registered Charity and file an Annual Return with the Charities Register.

Charitable Purpose:

·      To undertake trusteeship of the settlers’ cemetery and church property at 1 Scott Road, Hobsonville, in compliance with the trustees' guidelines of the 1877 deed of gift and current legislation

·      To preserve, operate, administer, maintain and improve the settlers' cemetery and church property as an historic district amenity 

The Hobsonville Settlers Church and Cemetery is in the Trusteeship of The Hobsonville Church and Settlers Cemetery Preservation Society Incorporated.  The Society carries out the terms and in particular the trusts of the deed of conveyance dated 4 December 1877.


If you have an interest in preserving the Settlers' Cemetery and Church property as an historic district amenity, then you might want to consider joining the Society with membership open to anyone interested in maintaining and protecting this heritage building and graveyard.  

For more information please contact us:

Adult Membership is $10.00 per year

Senior Membership is $5.00 per year

Life Membership is $200

Our financial year is from 1 July to 30 June


We welcome and are most grateful for donations towards preserving the Settlers' Cemetery and Church property as an historic district amenity. We are approved for the purposes of sections LD1, DB 41 and DV 12 of the Income Tax Act 2007.  Donations can be claimed as a tax credit (formerly rebate).

Electronic Payment Details:

ASB 12-3039-0107909-00

Hobsonville Church & Settlers Cemetery Preservation Society

Committee Members 2019-2020

Chair:  Jason Midgley 021 565 111

Vice Chair:  Darren Midgley 029 234 3705

Secretary & Treasurer:  Angela Laurenson (Ockleston) (Past Chair) 021 060 1411

Geoff Ockleston (Past Chair)

Kevin Farley (Past Chair)

Jenny Gutry (Ockleston)

Grace Griffin

Desiree Morgan (Midgley)

Brendon Midgley - Co-opted Committee 

Scott Laurenson (Ockleston) - Co-opted Committee 

Arleen McCracken - Co-opted Committee 

Sexton:  Bruce Anderson (Past Chair) 027 498 5033 (Please contact for information on Burials, Ash Memorial)