Hobsonville Church & Settlers' Cemetery



The historic 1875 Hobsonville Church & Settlers' Cemetery is situated at 1 Scott Road, Hobsonville, Auckland.

The building was erected in 1875 as a combined meeting place, church and school incorporating a graveyard in the grounds.

Hobsonville had by then developed into a thriving community of some 25 to 30 houses, with a mixed economy based on brick & pottery production and farming.  

The building and graveyard are a Listed Historic Place on The New Zealand Heritage List / Rārangi Kōrero  List Number 9796.

The building is constructed of kauri, most of it pit sawn with a simple, gable design. 

The land was given by R.O.Clark, one of the first Hobsonville settlers. 

The earliest recorded burial in the graveyard is 1875, and in addition to R.O. Clark, all five of the original trustees of the land in 1877 are buried in the graveyard, Joshua Carder, R O Clark Jnr, Joshua Ockleston, Thomas Scott and William Sinton, along with members of other Hobsonville settler families, including Anderson, Boyd, Luckens, Midgley, Williams and Wiseley.

A walk through the graveyard reflects the strong connection Hobsonville had to the brick and pottery making industry, with the graveyard monuments commemorating significant ceramic manufacturers, including Clark, Carder and Vazey, and other Hobsonville potters including Cater, Holland and Ockleston. 

Weddings & other bookings

The Church building is available for Weddings and other events as a community and meeting venue.  

It is currently used by several different denominations for services, and for Hobsonville Point Body Corporate meetings. 

Please contact us to discuss.  

More information on weddings can be found here.


There is a lot of construction work being undertaken next to the Church grounds with the development of the area from farmland to intensive housing development.  A retirement village is currently under construction behind the graveyard grounds with a large crane in view. Photos taken May 2020.

The Church and graveyard is looked after by us, the Hobsonville Church and Settlers' Preservation Society (Inc). 

We are all volunteers.

The grounds are regularly maintained, but are always mowed and tidied before a wedding.

We are passionate on preserving and maintaining our heritage building and graveyard having meaningful attachments to Hobsonville, and with family buried in the graveyard.